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Sequence Magazine 64
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Sequence Magazine 64

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Dal Libano alla Repubblica Ceca passando per le Alpi nostrane. Top rider, fotografi, media, fondatori di brand storici e CEO, coach e rivenditori, fino ad arrivare ai semplici appassionati del mondo snowboard. E senza dimenticare tutti i prodotti e le tecnologie innovative che ci riserva la stagione 2020/21. Abbiamo cercato di racchiudere tutto questo e molto altro ancora in questo primo numero di Sequence del nuovo decennio. Non ti resta che scoprirlo!

From Lebanon to the Czech Republic passing though our local Alps. From top riders, photographers, media, historical brand founders and CEOs, coaches and retailers, up to simple snowboarders.  And without forgetting all the innovative products and technologies that the 2020/21 season has in store for us. We have tried to enclose all this and much more in this first issue of Sequence of the new decade. Now go to find out!


PJ Gustafsson, Death Label ’til I die

 For PJ Gustafsson snowboarding is a way of life. Rad dad, designer, entrepreneur as well as top rider and snowboard pure punk soul. In 2007 he left his sponsor to be free to express himself and met Death Label, his family inside and outside the land of the Rising Sun.

Laax Open


Or the event that since 15 years put together people from all around the world in one big family. A special place, where every line is perfect, every turn is calculated to perfection and every feature is specifically designed for the riders. A great time to shred in the shaped park while the snowboarding masters ride on their way to the podium.

Adam Ellis, Blue Tomato CEO


The name of Blue Tomato came out years ago during a party night after way too many drinks. We interviewed Adam Ellis, CEO of the well known multichannel retailer, to understand the secrets of its success. And to know what are the opportunities for customers and employers to become part of the community and to grow on a global level.

Austin Smith’s firetruck 2.0


Get an old 1953 firetruck, rimodel the interior to something that we can call an ingenious  crib on wheels and set out all the way to Bend, Oregon, towards Alaska. If you’re name is Austin Smith you can do it. The firetruck as a metaphor of a simple life and that surely represent what’s truly important in life.

Vans Snowboarding Days


A strong 60-crew of media, retailers and Vans riders, all together for a 3-day of snowboarding, snowmobile riding, ice diving reindeers and alcohol. Vans Snowboarding Days is this and much more. It isn’t just a brand presentation but a wear test in the finest of forms.

Burton Mountain Mash 2020


The numbers of this Mountain Mash 2020 edition simply tell how snowboarding is a growing scene. The Madonna di Campiglio 5-day put together 40 pros ready to compete, many kids eager to learn how to ride and a lot of simple mountain lovers who tested this year’s gears and next year’s boards.

Ursus Snowpark is our place


Let’s stay in Madonna di Campiglio. An obligatory place if you happen around here is the Ursus Snowpark, where is very easy to meet one of the strongest Italian rider and the youngest, strongest and most talented Italian rider ever. Of course we are talking about Alberto Maffei and Nico Bondi.

Alpe di Siusi, home of the Italian National Team


We met Filippo Kratter, coach of the Italian national snowboarding team at their winter home on the Alpe di Siusi. A special moment to have a chat about the present and upcoming projects of the team and about the future of the Italian snowboard.

2021 Product Highlights


We had the honor of having a small taste of the best highlights of the products that the world of snowboarding has to offer in the next 2020/2021 season. The best brands on the market are waiting for you!

Ten years strong: JP Solberg & Yes

In 2019 YES.Snowboards turned ten. Ten years of progressive snowboarding and exclusive technologies quietly developed by the all star team. JP Solberg, one of the three founders, told us about this important goal, the beginnings of the brand and their aim that always was and still is to make snowboarding a better place.

On the Lookout


Elio Fumagalli, Nicola Livero, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Emil Zulian, Elena Graglia, Alieje Everts, David Djtè. These are the names of the young girls and guys, rising stars of snowboarding, to which we asked some questions. Here’s their thoughts about what will be the future of this sport.

Stale Sandbech


Five podiums at the X Games and a silver medal at Sochi 2014 Olympics, a real strong rider, youtuber and Norwegian TV 2 commentator. You can say that Stale never stops, however we managed to intercept him in Milan, outside the Oakley offices, to get some behind the scenes of his busy life.

Spirits of the Cedars

Lebanon is one of the ancient country in the world with one of the most versatile history and culture. You can start your day in the Cedars sky resort, cruise down thorough the Kadisha valley by bike and end up at the Mediterranean Sea for a surf session. Just add some breathtaking landscapes to the picture and a historical, natural and cultural refinement.



The Holy Grail of kicker spots and powder lines is a place in the middle of Alps, a small family resort without even a single snow canon. This is the magic place chosen by the Nitro team to shoot the pow section of their latest movie, Nitro Offline.

Hands Down


It is one of the most iconic tricks throughout the freestyle world, born in the skateboarding scene and arrived to snowboarding becoming prey to photographers in all its infinite variations. Daniel Bernstål, for example, has gained some experience in triggering the shutter at the right time and many pro riders has been captured by his viewfinder.

Benny Urban & Dominic Wagner


They’re part of the same team and both of them have a very creative riding style. At the same time though, their backgrounds and mentalities are quite different. A proof that snowboarding can unite different souls under one flag. We met them during the Vans Triple series shooting and here’s what they told us!

Offline in Czech

Nitro’s idea is simple. In a constantly connected world they created a video and a online movement called OFFLINE to motivate people to think about escaping from their everyday stresses and phones for a little while and go snowboarding. Where? In Czech Republic of course!



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